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Message from the CCED Executive Director – Garry Clark


Message from the CCED Executive Director – Garry Clark

On behalf of the Cuming County Board of Supervisors and the newly configured, Cuming County Economic Development Board (CCEDB), I would like to thank you for deciding to be a part of the Cuming County business community over the years. Without your business in the local community and county we would not be in the position we find ourselves in today. We are at a point in this county where we have the unique opportunity to provide a new level of support and service to businesses within Cuming County.

As you may be aware, the CCEDB has hired me to help make this new economic development effort a success for all the participating local communities, which includes: The Village of Bancroft, The Village of Beemer, The City of West Point, and The City of Wisner. All of these communities believe in an effort to ensure economic sustainability and social vitality for the business community as well as the local residents.

I would like to provide you with some insight on our new county-wide effort to sustain, support, and grow as a county. Here are a few of the services and programs we hope to provide to all businesses within the participating communities:

  • Business consultation (expansion, job opening advertisement, transition planning, etc.)
  • Business loan support (we will help you find what is available locally and state-wide)
  • Creating a local and county-wide economic development strategic plan
  • Creating a county economic development website to help promote and support the Cuming county businesses
  • Completing a monthly business/property inventory update system
  • Business plan training workshop (6 to 8 week course)
  • Farmers/Ag Conference  (in early 2011)
  • Youth entrepreneur workshop and youth retention program
  • County-wide marketing campaign
  • Updating and supporting the publishing of the county industrial fact-book
  • Business web video updates (free online commercial advertisement program)

Please feel free to contact me about any business issues or concerns. I am here to help and be a business liaison for all the participating areas.  My office is located in the county courthouse in West Point, but I will have scheduled dates to be in your individual communities throughout each month. You may contact me at 402-380-3901.



Garry Clark
Executive Director
Cuming County Economic Development
402-380-3901 (cell)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Nebraska continues to rank high

  • 4th Best Quality of Life
    Business Facilities Magazine, 2008 Annual Rankings Report
  • 5th Best Education Climate
    Business Facilities Magazine, 2008 Annual Rankings Report
  • 4th Best State for Jobs, 2008
  • 4th Lowest Average Travel Time to Work
    U.S. Bureau of the Census
  • Top 10 States Receiving a 5-Star on the 2007 State's Healthcare Cost Quotient
    Expansion Management Magazine
  • Top 10 Best States for Business
    2008 Forbes Magazine

Cuming County Ranks:

  • 1st in the state for total value of agricultural products sold
  • 1st in the state for value of livestock, poultry and their products
Top crop items:
  • Corn for grain (23rd in the State)
  • Soybeans for beans (6th in the State
  • Corn for Silage (5th in the State)
Top Livestock inventory items :
  • Quail (1st in the state)
  • Cattle and calves (2nd in the state)
  • Hogs and Pigs (3rd in the state)
  • Colonies of Bees (5th in the state)
  • Sheep and lamb (12th in the state)

Cuming County Mission

To renew, retain, and recruit our businesses, people, and future.

To work in partnership with local citizens in our communities to support the economic opportunities of our county by retaining, expanding, and attracting business, industry, and agriculture.



Population: 9,306
(2008 estimate)
Projected Population: 9,118
(2013 estimate)
Median Age: 39.2 years
(2008 estimate)


Average Household Income:
(2008 estimate)

Number of Business Establishments:
(2002 estimate)

Education: (2000 estimates)
78.7% have High School Diploma or higher
12.3% have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher


Major Economic Activities:

Agriculture - 48%;
Manufacturing - 27%;
Trade - 5%;


Finance, insurance, real estate - 4%;
Construction - 3%
Services - 5%;